More than just beards

This blog may be primarily about beards, but here at Beard Nation, we are fans of all kinds of manly facial hair. Today we’re going to examine some of the many facial hair styles sported by men all over the world. Then we’re going to find out how the ladies feel about the hairy gents and bare-faced boys.

The possibilities for facial hair styles are endless. It really comes down to personal preference and how much time and effort a man is prepared to put into his beard maintenance routine. There are no rules but there are certainly enough guidelines to help a guy decide how he wants to rock his facial fuzz. Whether you’re after a Dali moustache, a chin curtain, a burly set of mutton chops or a good old full beard, there are plenty to choose from.



This is only a sample of what is possible in the way of facial hair styling, from the simple and low-key to the outrageous and eye-catching. For a simple bearded look, one cannot go wrong with the Short Boxed Beard. It is unified and striking, yet clean and welcoming. The classic Handlebar moustache is always a winner, but perhaps try to steer clear of the Copstash Standard, which often has the effect of an ’80s porn star. The Anchor and the Hollywoodian are also popular styles among the hipsters and the lumberjacks respectively.

So what do the ladies like? What, if anything, is going to grab a gal’s attention? From a flash survey conducted in the student union of a university and the responses of people on social media, results showed that more women preferred men with some kind of facial hair over clean shaven men. However, of the 35 women who said they were more attracted to men with facial hair, over half of them clarified that they were not fans of full beards but more so of ‘the right amount’ of stubble.

Bonny Burrows said “Clean shaven or slight stubble. No full beards or creepy moustaches.”

Leeanne Brown said “Facial hair on a man is sexy, not too much just enough.”

And Anna Reeves said “Facial hair ain’t bad on the right person.”

Although there were some jumping to the side of the bearded.

Lauren Stirling said “Beards. Always beards.”

And Jess Taylor said “I do appreciate a fine beard on a dapper gentleman.”

19 people said that they much preferred their men completely bare of facial fuzz, or as shown above, in Federation Standard style.

Evey Ritchens said “Nothing nicer than rubbing faces with a freshly shaven face.”

And Amy Sariman said “Clean shaven for sure!”

8 people were indifferent or just could not decide which they liked better, but we like to think they are secretly pro-beard.


Beard products and smelly stuff

With the beard revolution upon us, more and more products are surfacing designed specifically for beard maintenance and care. Nobody can deny that a clean beard is just as important as a clean bloke, and most normal shampoos and conditioners, filled with useless chemicals, just do not achieve the desired effect. A simple Google search for “beard products” will provide you with a multitude of choices for oils, creams, lotions and potions. Below are some listings that caught my eye and that have some pretty convincing witness testimonies to help you find what you’re looking for.

Based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA, this company is all about 100% organic beard and moustache products. According to the ‘about’ statement, the founders were tired of trying to find facial hair products that weren’t full of chemicals. So they decided to solve their own problem and create their own. Products include beard oil, beard growth formula, moustache wax, beard cologne and assorted beard conditioners. All products are available online via the website, and can be shipped internationally.

Beard Care Products

This website is more of an outlet store, stocking various beard related products from different brands at inexpensive prices. There is a large range of products available, including beard shampoos, bar soaps, trimming and combing supplies, beard dyes, beard related shirts and general skincare for men. The site looks to be based in the United States and is unclear whether products can be shipped overseas.

Beauty and the Bees

Beauty and the Bees is a supplier of 100% natural skincare products operating out of Tasmania, Australia. Originally created for ezcema and psoriasis relief, Beauty and the Bees uses ingredients unique to Australia, the favourite being Tasmanian Leatherwood honey. The business has since grown to include a huge variety of products at reasonable prices, including Professor Edward J. Fuzzyworth’s Beard Care Gloss and Dr Beegood’s Tattoo Preserver.

The Bearded Chap

This is another Australian company, established in 1986. Similar to the issues at, The Bearded Chap could not find a suitable beard product that could cull the itching associated with beard growth, and that smelled nice at the same time. After rigorous testing, The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil was born. This one is a bit pricier than some products at $38.00AU for a 30ml bottle, but beard oil user Ron Pearce enjoys the job it does: “It makes my beard shiny, and it smells nice… It just reeks of man.” They also have other products including moustache wax, grooming combs and brushes, and a Bearded Chap t-shirt.